Why Online Class is A Great Opportunity To YOU

You are an amazing student. You study hard because you want to achieve your goal. You want to work hard because you will achieve benefits from it. You love to play hard because you know you will have a good time. I know.. I’ve been there. I too studied hard when I was at school and in university. I did work hard for this past years. And to be frank, I do enjoy playing hard because I am just loving it.


I am a teacher for more than 10 years. I did teach some of amazing students from all around the country. They were amazing students and I know they will do amazingly well in their life and I wish them the best. I will always pray for them. Some of them left this country and travel to another country to study there. Some of them studied here while some of them were already working on amazing jobs.


But year by year, I realized our life is much more challenging and more busier compared to before. My students now have to wake up early and went to school to study critical subjects with extra work such as presentations and events. They went home around 3.00pm but sometimes they have to stay at school to attend extra curricular or extra classes until 5.00pm. Then they have to quickly attend tuition to understand more of what they learnt at school. An hour of rest, then on to the next tuition class for another subject. After that, they finally reached home and quickly finished their homework or assignment before they went to bed.


But what about enjoying yourself by playing sports in the afternoon? Enjoy your tea time with your family and friends? What about watching great dramas on tv? Don’t you SEE that you actually need all of that ? Not all the time but at least sometimes. If not, then you will be this robotic machine who just know studying but not learning.


Don’t get me wrong , attending tuition is GOOD. I am a teacher and I know what you will get from that. But you can’t just do it everyday when you have extra curricular or extra class or need to enjoy playing sports with your friends. Sometimes, you just have to take alternatives and study smart. Study Smart Dear Student. We have online classes now. ???

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