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Sijil Penghargaan untuk Cikgu Noorhaida

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Testimonial untuk Cikgu Raheel

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By Dania,

Science subjects, Physic and chemistry. Sounds tough right? As for this two years, I’ve been learning Physics and Chemistry with friendly and lovely teacher name Cikgu Raheel. She’s not only good in Physics and Chemistry but also good in teaching Biology ad Addmath. Within this two years, I’ve learned a lot and improved in my school examination. The techniques taught by her and how to tackle the questions given was totally brilliant and outstanding. All those formulas given make me memorize it very well. For those who are searching for a tuition class, I recommend you to grab this chances. Learning with her will give you wonderful experience and I’m sure you will pass your Science subjects with flying colours.


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By Nazurah Husaini

I’ve been learning Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Addmath with teacher Raheel for almost a year now. I totally recommend her if anyone interested in learning with a friendly type of teacher and learning in a fun way. Many of my classmates asked me “Kau tuisyen kat mana?” because I’ve improved a lot in my school exams. Honestly, I used to be scared of my Chemistry and Physics (esp Physics) because I heard a lot of students complaint about how hard the subjects are. But I’ve changed my way of thinking after I attended her classes. Now I am very sure that I’m able to go further and deeper with these subjects. She also taught me to always think positive.


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By Nazurah’s mother

Nazurah improved a lot in her subjects especially Physics and Chemistry. According to Nazurah teacher Raheel thaught her different approaches from her school teacher. So she has many methods of learning each topic. She also increased her confident level by attempting SPM past year question throughly during the tuition class session and this makes her always be ready for the exams. Furthermore, teacher Raheel is so friendly and helpful and always available when her students need helps. Teacher Raheel always encourage the students to study hard for success. My daughter always excited to go to her tuition classes and never wanted to miss them.


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