Train the Tutor: IGCSE (Tuition Seminar)

Good news to all private tutors and home tuition teachers out there! For any of you who would like to learn on how to become a tutor who can teach subjects for IGCSE, this seminar is definitely for you!


Train the Tutor Seminar IGCSE

Train the Tutor IGCSE : Tuition Seminar


Private Tutors for IGCSE Program Are Now in Demand!

In 2010, there were just 21 international schools in Malaysia. Today, there are 99 schools and the Education Ministry has already issued 23 more licences. Read more at

According to the report, in Klang Valley only, there are 49 international schools. Johor has 11 & Penang now has 8. The numbers are not including the private schools such as Beaconhouse, Integrated Islamic School or Sri KDU that now offer programs for IGCSE as well. Also not included are the number of IGCSE support centers like Sterling Setia Alam or Honsbridge Kota Damansara that offer full IGCSE programs for students who do not want to attend any school. Moreover, now there is an arising number of parents who opt to home school their children as well. Because of these factors, demand for private tutors or home tutors who can prepare students for IGCSE exam are now increasing!

Why More Parents Opt for the IGCSE program?

In 2012, the controversial decision by Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE) to have Maths & Science subjects taught entirely in Bahasa Melayu did not come well with parents, especially those who live in major cities and urban areas. Furthermore, according to a reliable source, all lessons and exams will be conducted entirely in Bahasa Melayu by 2016. Majority of these parents want their children to learn some subjects (if not all) in English, as they believe having a strong command of English ensures their children stand a better chance of getting employed by reputable companies in the future. By opting to sit for the IGCSE exam, the students will continue to have lessons conducted entirely in English. Additionally, the chances of landing a place in colleges and universities overseas are higher by having an IGCSE certificate. Worth mentioning that a student can sit for the IGCSE exam as early as in Year 9 (or 15 years old). Thus they have a chance of doing pre-university program, entering colleges or universities at an earlier age! These are the reasons why more parents in Malaysia are choosing to enroll their children in IGCSE programs.

Opportunity For You!

Yes, that’s you the tutor who currently focuses in teaching students who sit for local exams like PT3 and SPM. You can have a chance to teach students for IGCSE too! One reason is that, the syllabus for SPM and IGCSE are more or less the same. For some subjects, the topics covered for IGCSE are much lesser and the exams questions are much easier than SPM. Surprising right? For your information, for this Train the Tutor IGCSE seminar, the trainers are tutors who do not teach in any international school, nor did they sit for an IGCSE exam before, and yet parents hired them to teach subjects for IGCSE. That means you too can teach! (and get higher rates in the process!). Let’s introduced you to the trainers..

First Trainer:

Mr. Ahmad Hambal Noorsham – Full Time Tutor and Owner of Home Tuition Agency

Train the Tutor Seminar IGCSE Tuition Training

Trainer: Mr Ahmad Hambal


Graduated from MMU, Hambal start tutoring part time in 2006, and then became a full time tutor in 2011. At that time, he only tutor students who will be sitting for the SPM exam. However, a parent whose daughter was in Maz International school asked if he can teach for IGCSE as well. Seeing this as a challenge & an opportunity to learn something new, he accepted it. Long story short, that first IGCSE student of his managed to get excellent results in her exam. You can read the testimonial from the student (and the result she obtained) below:

Testimonial From Zaidiah 700


Result IGCSE student

Student’s result


He then received more requests to teach students for IGCSE. Within 3 years time, he had taught students from Sri KDU International School, Help International School, Seyfol International School, Sri Garden (now known as Taylor’s International School), Intergrated Islamic School (IIS) Kota Damansara & Beaconhouse PJ. He also taught students from MRSMs that incorporate IGCSE programs, such as MRSM Pekan, Pahang. At the same time, he taught students for Pre-IB and IB (International Baccalaureate) programs. These students were from The International School of Penang (Uplands), International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), Mont Kiara International School (MKIS), American-British Academy (ABA) Oman, Emirates International School Dubai and Mara Banting College (KMB). More info about him at A brief interview with him in the newspaper The Star can be read here ‘ Increase in demand for tuition in Malaysia’ .

Mr. Hambal will cover 4 sections:

1) Preparation: General things you need to know about IGCSE

2) Preparation: Syllabus & exam related matters that you need to know

3) Marketing: How to promote yourself as a tutor who can teach subjects for IGCSE

4) Tips : Managing classes, clients & how to get higher rates!

Bonus! Mr Hambal will share with you on how you can earn extra income without even doing tuition classes! (p/s: by doing so, you might even get back you seminar fees!)


Second Trainer:

Mr. Saminatha Kumaran Veloo – Full Time Tutor

Train the Tutor Seminar IGCSE Tuition Training

Trainer : Mr Saminatha

Mr Saminatha has been in the teaching field for the past 20 years. He has been teaching in colleges and institutions for physics subjects, mainly for IGCSE O-Levels,  A-Levels, STPM, SPM and South Australian Matriculation (SAM) Programme. He has also been teaching Additional Mathematics for SPM and IGCSE syllabuses. For Degree and Pre-U level, he has experience teaching modern Physics and Calculus.

His strength is in his ability to explain theory, phenomena, concepts and calculations in a simple and attractive way. He puts effort so that students enjoy the lessons and ensure that they grab what were being taught efficiently.  He focuses more on solving exam based questions and scoring exam papers with good distinctions.

The students who have excelled well under his tutelage and intensive coaching were from Taylor’s College, Sunway College and University of Malaya. He was also a senior lecturer at Taylor’s University College from 2000 to 2008, lecturing Physics in the South Australian Matriculation Program.

Mr Saminatha will cover 2 sections:

1) Planning teaching lessons  & teaching techniques

2) Preparing students for the IGCSE exam

Train the Tutor Seminar Tentatives:

9-10am : Preparation: Intro to IGCSE (Mr Hambal)

10-11am: Preparation: Syllabus & Exam Related Matters (Mr Hambal)

11-1130am: Break

11.30-12.30pm: Teaching Plans & Teaching Techniques (Mr Saminatha)

12.30-1.30pm: Preparing Student for the IGCSE exam  (Mr Saminatha)

1.30-2.30pm: Lunch break

2.30-3.30pm: Marketing: Promoting Your Services (Mr. Hambal)

3.30-4.30pm: Tips & Bonus! (Mr. Hambal)

4.30: End

Registration Fees

RM240 (inclusive of lunch)

RM630 if register in threes

Additional RM60 discount for university and college students

Registration for seminar on 8/3/15 is now open. Please click HERE to register.

*All participants will be given a certificate of participation

Last Date to Register: 11.50pm, Thursday, 5th March 2015

For inquiries, please call 012-230 9743.

Do you want this seminar to be held at your area? Please comment “I Want <space>Name<space>Location<space>State<space>Phone No” in the comment section below or you can also SMS to 012-230 9743.

Dates for ‘TRAIN THE TUTOR IGCSE’ Seminar in 2015

1) Sunday, 8th March 2015, 9am – 4pm. Location: Pusat Tuisyen Efektif, Seksyen U12 (Map to location click here )

2) Sunday, 26th April 2015, 9am – 4pm. Location: Pusat Tuisyen Efektif, Seksyen U12 (Map to location click here )

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